The Living Urn IndoorsThe Living Urn Indoors



The Living Urn® Indoors / Patio provides families with a way to grow a beautiful living memory tree or houseplant indoors, or on a patio, from our attractive, proprietary urn holding the cremated remains of a loved one. The urn itself is made from sleek porcelain, comes in three colors, and measures approximately 9” high and 9” in diameter. Inside is a special compartment to hold your loved one's cremated remains, our proprietary growing system of interlocking ring trays, and accessories to assist in the planting process.

Order a bonsai tree or houseplant from your local nursery and follow the instructions we provide to plant with The Living Urn® Indoors / Patio!  


What’s Included:

Everything you need to grow a living memory:

  •    The Living Urn® Indoors / Patio

  •    Planting Instructions

  •    Cup (Vase) for Cut Flowers