Bios Cremation UrnBios Cremation Urn


The world’s first biodegradable cremation urn, the Bios Urn is designed to grow a tree with your ashes when you die.

This patented, award winning cremation urn is designed to hold ashes in the bottom chamber, while the top chamber contains a growth medium to plant your seedling. When the urn is buried the seedling grows in the top section and its roots burrow down through the ashes and into the earth, as the Bios Urn case biodegrades.

Simply plant your seedling in the urn, and then plant the urn straight into your garden or a plant pot. With some simple care, your seedling will grow into a healthy living memorial of your loved one. You can create a multi-generational memorial by using plants that self seed.

As the Bios Urn has no expiry date, you can use your Bios Urn whenever you are ready, using recent or old ashes.

Capacity suitable for humans and pets.

Eco. Green. Memorable.



The Bios Urn has been designed to hold all the ashes that result from the process of cremation of an adult person. The capacity of the urn is 5.8lbs, or 2.5 Litres. It can be used with the full amount of ash, or a smaller amount just in case a symbolic portion is being saved.